Fourth Grade Team

Welcome to Team 4!

Welcome to Team 4! We are excited to start the 2018-2019 school year and look forward to building relationships, establishing high expectations, and getting to know one another. Please explore this page to find specific information on Team 4 news, events, and expectations. We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing!  Please contact us with any questions or concerns at Fredstrom (436-1140) or through email.  Also, please feel free to check out our team Facebook page for news, updates, and photos here.

Specials Schedule

Teacher: A Day
B Day
C Day
D Day
Kotopka  Music Comp./Med.  Science P.E.
Nabben Comp./Med. Science P.E. Music
Embree  Science P.E. Music Comp./Med.

*Please remember to wear tennis shoes on P.E. day.
**This year students will have alternating Computer Science/Media specials.  In quarters 1 and 3, we will have media with Mrs. Sleight.  In quarters 2 and 4, we will have computer science with Mr. Vinter.

Library Schedule

Mrs. Embree — TBD
Mrs. Kotopka — TBD
Ms. Nabben — TBD

*During the first and third quarter, checkout will be on days in which students have media as a specials.  Please be aware that because we have a four day rotation, checkout will not be on a consistent day of the week.

Homework Expectations

Fourth grade year is full of learning and growth!  To help make this learning permanent, students will have consistent homework to practice learned skills.  Regular homework will include:

Spelling:  Students will practice spelling at school as part of their weekly assignments.  However, it is highly recommended that students practice at home as well in order to achieve mastery.  Reading follows a 5 day cycle.  Because of vacations or other days off, these weeks may not always start on Mondays.  Spelling tests will be on the final day of the 5 day reading week.  Students will bring their spelling words and homework home the first day of each week.

Suggestions of how to practice spelling words include:  writing each word multiple times, writing meaningful sentences for each word, use stair steps to help remember patterns, practice words on Spelling City, write in sand or with other textures, and write vowels with one color and consonants with another color.

Spelling grades are as follows:

90% and above (with beyond level list) — 4
80%-89% — 3
60%-79% — 2
59% and below — 1

Reading Minutes:  Reading minutes begin on Monday and are due the next Monday.  Minutes should be recorded and totaled in your students planner.  We ask that students read 75 minutes a week.

Math:  Math homework will be sent home almost every night.  There may be exceptions to this, such as on test days.  Students should complete both sides and show their work/thinking.  We also encourage basic fact practice.

Curriculum Information


Reading consists of word work (spelling, handwriting, grammar), whole group reading, vocabulary, and guided reading.  Students will practice using the reading strategies of predict/infer, phonics/decoding, monitor/clarify, questioning, and evaluating, as well as other reading skills to improve their reading skills throughout the year.  Students’ reading will be measured through their accuracy, comprehension, and fluency.  The fluency goals for 4th grade are:  first quarter — 94 words per minutes, second quarter — 112 words per minute, third quarter — 112 words per minute, and fourth quarter — 124 words per minute.  A great way to improve your child’s reading is to spend time independent reading or reading out loud at home.  Weekly reading minutes are used to encourage and support this.


This year, fourth grade will be using the Math Expressions curriculum.  Math homework is sent home almost every day (except test days).  It is an opportunity to practice the learning that is done in math class and a chance to make it more “permanent.”

Unit Studies

At Fredstrom Elementary students study health, art, and Nebraska history as part of unit studies.  This year students will be changing classes for unit studies as each teacher will be teaching a different subject.  Additionally, students will have weekly Second Step lessons to help promote social skills during unit studies.

Art – Ms. Nabben
Health – Mrs. Embree
Nebraska History – Mrs. Kotopka